Unique and Tailored Solutions

In today’s economy, consumers are using less cash and checks and are using credit and debit cards as their choice of payment. When traveling for business or pleasure, eating at a favorite restaurant or entertaining clients, the use of credit cards continues to grow not only as a method of payment but as method of lifestyle. With these changes, merchants have been bombarded with the ever altering Visa/MC fees, rules and regulations. We know that in addition to managing these changes you must also manage your business.

At Fortis Payment Systems, we have designed a program that not only provides your business with savings on your credit card processing, but we also bring industry experience and customer service beyond any of our competitors. In addition, our on-line services help you to manage your everyday business more efficiently, ultimately lowering your overall costs and helping your bottom line moving forward!

Fortis Payment Systems (FORTIS) is a full service registered ISO of Wells Fargo  Bank, providing all forms of payment processing products and services to merchants throughout the United States. Essentially, we are a “wholesaler” for Visa/MC and can be more competitive in our rates and fees than the banks can directly.

The advantage to using Fortis Payment Systems over other processors and banks goes well beyond rates and fees and to our knowledge of business as well as our commitment to customer service.

Fortis Payment Systems' executive team and managers are made of business professionals who bring their past business experiences to your industry. Powered by Wells Fargo, one of the largest credit card processing banks in the nation, we can provide you with the support and personal attention you deserve!

At Fortis Payment Systems, your business is our top priority. We are committed to providing you with only the highest quality payment processing products and services. Our expertise, experience, reliability, and security are unmatched. Experience the difference Fortis Payment Systems can make for your business! Contact us today.

Sophisticated Reporting Capabilities
Fortis Payment Systems provides an easy-to-use, flexible, and comprehensive reporting package that enables ongoing analysis and evaluation of transactions, settlements, chargeback’s, and other mission-critical information.

Fortis Payment Systems offer a complete reporting system that allows our merchants to monitor chargeback’s, retrievals, settlements, interchange qualification, and other important data. Standard and customized reports can be received in a variety of formats, enabling the merchant to manipulate the format and distribute the data according to internal processes you have established.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Fortis Payment Systems provide the technology to help cut costs and increase productivity while providing solutions that evolve with the merchants ever-changing needs.
We strive to innovate and invest considerably in technology development in order to provide you with state-of-the-art proprietary processing and communications technologies that continually meet your unique business needs.

Below are the features of our program that our merchants will expect:

  • 24/7 access to transactions, batches and processing statements
  • INSTANT EMAIL ALERTS and calls from our office when:
      A Batch is open
      A chargeback is issued (chargeback’s can also be responded to via email
      A retrieval request is not responded to within 2 days that the retrieval is due (this is an
      automatic loss of the chargeback
      A Duplicate batch has been sent
  • Fraud and Theft tracking- Email Alerts are sent when:
    • Thresholds are set for customer credits (i.e. a credit of over $500 to a cardholder will be flagged and an email sent)
    • When a guests credit card is charged more than once in a set period
    • When multiple credits are issues the same credit (This could be employee theft)


Our Services

Merchant Accounts

  • Retail Merchant Account Payment Processing
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order Payment Processing
  • Internet Payment Processing
  • Wireless Payment Processing

Other Services

  • Traditional & Electronic Check
  • Program Check Guarantee Service
  • Gift/Loyalty Card Program
  • Merchant Cash Advance