Our Superior Products and Terminals

Fortis Payment Systems offers a variety of credit card processing equipment, software, and terminals.   We deploy everything from refurbished economical terminals to state-of-the-art high-speed credit card processing systems.  Some systems are designed for specific industry types, but the bulk of the terminals work well in any atmosphere.  Fortis Payment Systems can interface with virtually any POS and/or terminals.


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In addition we offer web based solutions for ecommerce merchants such as shopping carts, as well as PC based Software solutions for merchants looking to process recurring transactions.

For our merchants using property management systems and or point of sale systems, we support virtually all types of these systems. In fact, in most cases the conversions will be at no cost to our merchants!



Product Partners

  • Verifone®
  • Hypercom™
  • Ingenico®
  • Authorize.NET®
  • Eclipse Terminals®
  • PC Charge™
  • Way Systems™

Fortis Payment Systems can interface with 99.99% of all payment solutions.